We, as a company, believe in building our nation strong and work hard to produce better and high quality cement in order to satisfy our customers. As we know cement is considered as the pioneer in building infrastructures which reflects the economic well being of the nation, therefore, we as a company, Shivam cement is a grand venture, which is by far the largest investment being done by a private sector in Nepal.


Corporate social responsibility is a vital part of everything we do as a company.  We highly believe in building our nation strong therefore, we also acknowledge that in the process of producing high quality cement we should know about the adverse impacts towards the environment. In that case our goal has always been to minimize the impacts on the environment that is caused during manufacturing processes, activities, products and services.  Our management objectives and targets are established and reviewed on a regular basis to implement the environmental insurance, which is influenced by six core environmental principles:


  • Prevention of pollution.
  • Minimization of energy and material usage and the production of waste.
  • Effective and responsible waste management and disposal.
  • Promoting reuse and recycling of products.
  • Maintaining a high awareness of environmental issues in the workforce.
  • Involving suppliers, contractors and customers in environmental initiatives.

We are a huge part of the society and running one of the biggest cement manufacturing company. We have always acknowledged our responsibilities towards the environment.  Therefore, Shivam cement is among the foremost companies in Nepal to include commitment to environmental protection as one of its corporate objectives, the company has inducted the use of pollution control equipment and high efficiency for cement kilns, raw mills, coal mills, and power plants.


Company experience

The cement industry is literally the building block of a nation.  A country’s cement output is taken to be as one of the primary indicators of its level of economic development.  As one of Nepal’s major companies, Shivam cement intends to take on a key role in the country’s development and shaping its blueprint for the future.  Shivam cement is one of the biggest cement-manufacturing plants in Nepal using all the modern technologies to develop high quality cement. Shivam cement’s policy is to continuously satisfy the customers through consistent quality cement and clinker with effective quality management system, in time delivery and effective after sales services. All the stakeholders in the organization are committed towards the quality management, cement system with ongoing training and education to achieve customer satisfaction. We as a company have done every required job in order to bring best outcome and provide our customers with one the finest Cement using the latest technology and raw materials, In order to satisfy our customers, with its outcome of being one of the best cement present today in Nepal.