Ordinary Portland cement is the most usual type of cement that is widely used around the world.  OPC was developed from natural cement made in Britain at the commencement of the 18th century.  The most common purpose of OPC is in the production of concrete.  Concrete is a composite fabric consisting of aggregate, i.e. Gravel, sand, cement powder and water.  As a constructing material, concrete can be cast in almost any form, which is desired, and once it is hard it can be structural element.  Concrete can be employed in the construction of structural elements like panels, beams, for building superstructures like roads and damns. OPC is also used in fillings for plasters and screeds and in residues.  OPC is manufactured by burning siliceous materials like limestone at 1400 degree Celsius and thereafter grinding it with gypsum it is made up in the form of different grades, the most common in Nepal is a Grade – 53 and grade 43.


Shivam cement manufactures two types of OPC based on grade, i.e., grade 43 and grade 53 OPC. Grade 43 and 53 OPC are manufactured by inter grinding of high-grade clinker and right quality gypsum in appropriate ratios.  It is commonly utilized for all general construction purposes where some special properties are required.  It is finely ground, which provides more intensity.  Concrete made with this cement stiffens and initially harden at a standardized rate.  It is after initial hardening, the strength increase is more rapid. This rate of strength enables strength in development work. Concrete and mortar are produced with ordinary Portland cement and attacked by acids and solvents.


Shivam’s OPC grade 43 and 53’s chemistry and particle size distribution has been adjusted to give.


  • Moderate sulphate resisting properties
  • Very low chloride content to avoid corrosion in steel
  • Low heat of hydration resulting in a durable structure
  • Low alkaline content

Uses of shivam grade 43 OPC are:


  • All general and semi- specialized construction works like plain and reinforced cement concreting, brick and stone masonry, plastering and flooring.
  • Suitable for hydroelectric projects.
  • Manufacturing of Hume pipes, inter-locking tiles, blocks and poles
  • Pre-cast, pre-stressed and slip form construction works.