Ordinary Portland cement is the most usual type of cement that is widely used around the world.  OPC was developed from natural cement made in Britain at the commencement of the 18th century.  The most common purpose of OPC is in the production of concrete.  Concrete is a composite fabric consisting of aggregate, sand, cement and water.  As a constructing material, concrete can be casted in almost any form, which is desired, and once it hardens, it becomes structural element.  Concrete is used in the construction of structural elements like column, beams slab for building structure and it can also be used in structures of road, bridge, dams etc. OPC is also used in fillings for plasters and screeds and punning works.  OPC is manufactured by burning limestone with required amount of Silica, Iron and Alumina at 1400 degree Celsius to form the nodules called Clinker and thereafter grinding it with gypsum it is made up in the form of OPC cement of different grades. In Nepal, the most common grade of cement are Grade – 53 and Grade 43.

Shivam Cement manufactures two types of Ordinary Portland Cement, termed as, OPC Cement, which is based on NS-572 – SHIVAM OPC 43 Grade and SHIVAM OPC 53 Grade. Both these Cements are manufactured with the mixture of clinker and gypsum as the Raw Material for their Product. Both the Grades are manufactured by inter grinding of high-grade Clinker, which is produced locally by the self-owned lime stone quarries of the company and right quality Gypsum in appropriate ratios, which is purchased from Bhutan.

OPC 53 Grade cement is a type of Ordinary Portland Cement known for its high compressive strength, denoted by the "53" in its name, representing the minimum compressive strength in megapascals (MPa) after 28 days of curing. This grade of cement is designed for applications where superior strength and performance are crucial.  Shivam OPC 53 Grade ensures strict quality control measures during the manufacturing process of OPC 53 Grade cement. Rigorous testing is conducted every hour to meet the specified standards, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Shivam OPC 53 Grade cement is recommended for projects that demand high strength and durability, especially in structural applications where the ability to withstand heavy loads and environmental conditions is crucial. It is an excellent choice for projects requiring superior performance and longevity. Being a high strength cement, 53 grade cement provides numerous advantages to its high strength and durability characteristics, structures require less frequent repairs and maintenance. This leads to reduced long-term maintenance costs and due to fast strength development, it becomes a preferred option in projects where quick setting and strength is essential. Further, by substituting lower grade cement with OPC 53, overall savings can be obtained through reduced quantity of cement that would be required to be used. A savings of 8-10% can be achieved with the use of 53 Grade OPC in place of any other grade.

Shivam OPC 53 Grade are engineered with specific chemistry and particle size distribution to offer:.

  • Higher Blaine for best strength in concrete.
  • Moderate Sulphate resisting properties.
  • Very low chloride content to avoid corrosion in steel
  • Low heat of hydration resulting in a durable structure.
  • Low alkali content and Low MGO.

Uses of Shivam OPC 53 Grade are:

  • Pile, pile cap and Raft foundations.
  • Cold and water logged areas.
  • Lofty building and High grade concrete works above 35 Mpa
  • Roads, runways and industrial building
  • Bridge’s  pier, abutments and  girders
  • Pre-cast  and pre stress concrete elements such as pole, blocks etc
  • Hydropower, Tunnel, flyovers and underpasses structures High-rise bridge structures.
  • Concrete sleepers for railways
  • Concrete roads and other heavy load bearing structures.