Vaastu for Well and Tube-Well

Water is one of the significant elements among Panchbhootas that constitute the entire concept of Vastu-Shastra. The placement of well or tube-well in a house should be proper so as to gain profits and over-all prosperity. There are some set of rules involve in Vastu for the location of under-ground well or tube-well and it has been observed that well or tube-well if placed in wrong direction leads to numerous problems in terms of health, wealth and prosperity. Thus it is important to give water its essential space so as to counteract negative energies and making the environment positive.

Some problems faced by occupants if well-or tube-well is located in wrong direction are:

  • Wealth loss
  • Low virility
  • Sexual problems in male member
  • Enemy trouble
  • Quarrel with children
  • Death in extreme cases
  • Problems in female members or no female in family

Therefore it is best to make well/tube-well in proper location to avoid any kind of mishap or loss. Some ideal directions for water resource are:

  • North
  • North-east
  • East

However avoid locating underground water resource in South, South-east, South-west or North-west because these directions are inauspicious for under-ground water and only lead to heavy losses.